KYFI Company Overview

Our Goals/Commitments

At KYFI, we pledge to maintain a level of service which is one step ahead of the growing demands of our customers. We promise unsurpassed “TLC” to our customers by dedicating a coordinator, in addition to your sales representative, to each customer, enabling direct contact with someone who understands your business and shipping needs. Our goal is to make each customer a part of the “KYFI Family”, not just a name and number on a spreadsheet or report.

Our History

KYFI Inc., founded in 1970, has grown and evolved much like the ocean transport industry and many of our customers. Originating as a specialized transport entity, our roots have spread to encompass the ever-changing needs of our present and future clients.

With several distinct “in-house” divisions including intermodal drayage, over-the-road trucking as well as container depot and repair facilities, we provide a multitude of combined and individual services, allowing us to present a “best of both worlds” experience. Our emphasis is on one-to-one relationships with cutting edge value added services.

Our People

At KYFI, all of our coordinators are trained to understand the big picture of international shipping and we take great pride in our personalized service we provide to our customers. Our staff is customer focused and has many years experience in all aspects of moving freight around the globe.


With overseas offices and affiliates, we provide combined services on a worldwide level. We can provide full door to door service globally or partner with any agent or affiliate the importer or exporter desires. 
We also have long experience with many commodities including alcoholic beverages, empty barrels, granite, machinery, foodstuffs, steel, construction materials and seeds. With our intermodal trucking and depot facilities, KYFI Inc. offers a one stop shop for all your international shipping needs.


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