09.09.14  |  We need drivers in Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH.  |  Kentucky Container Service has a dedicated customer base that keeps our drivers moving! We are currently seeking drivers for our Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH locations.

01.29.13  |  Fuel Surcharge  |  Our standard fuel surcharge rate for KYCS is 35%

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Norfolk Southern - Intermodal News - Mar 31st, 2020

Journal of Commerce - Mar 31st, 2020

  • Major forwarder buy-in helps land $11 million funding
    [caption caption="Process automation technology can be a standalone capability, but Slync's Chris Kirchner believes that in logistics it has to be a feature in a larger offering. Photo credit:"][/caption]Amid a tightening venture capital environment, secured an $11 million Series A funding round this week, driven in part by...

  • Forager broadens cross-border ambitions with VC funding
    [caption caption="Freight technology providers have sprung up to cater to the underserved US-Mexico cross-border trade in recent years, with more growth expected. Photo credit:"][/caption]One of the trickier chasms to bridge for startup logistics technology providers is moving from a brokerage model to a marketplace or ecosystem model that may...

  • More free time fails to accelerate Indian cargo clearance pace
    [caption caption="JNPT’s own terminal has had the lowest gate-out numbers out of five terminals in the harbor in recent days. Photo credit:"][/caption]Terminal stakeholders in India have announced temporary free time and demurrage benefits to provide relief to cargo owners caught up in supply chain hurdles linked to the coronavirus...

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